'We voted for independence!' SHOCK as millennial 'Remainer' argues in FAVOUR of BREXIT


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The young audience member made her remarks in response to another audience member who claimed that because the Leave campaign lied during the referendum then people didn’t know what they were voting for so there should be another vote.

But the young audience member said: “I just don’t understand why we are discussing another vote.

"It’s not uncommon that politicians lie. A time where there is so much anxiety about the future, do not put fear into democracy.

“We voted for independence, we might not have known the ins and outs of what it was, but we voted for independence.

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BBCBrexit news: The audience member said she would have voted remain

“Don’t then take that power from the people.”

Question Time presenter David Dimbleby said: “So wait, you trust Parliament to get it right to interpret what you saw as the vote on Brexit?”

The young audience member replied: “I hope Parliament will get it right. I wasn’t of age to vote but I would have voted remain.

“However, the public body as a whole voted to leave. I hope Parliament will get it right but I don’t think sacrificing democracy and taking away that power that the people were given that we worked so hard for to change our minds is the right thing to do.”