‘Our fishing industry DECIMATED’ Tearful QT audience member issues desperate LEAVE plea


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The member of the audience made the statement after former lord chancellor Ken Clarke iterated how fundamentally complicated relations with the bitter bloc have become.

She stated: “Following on really from what Ken Clarke said that it hadn’t been thought through properly, it wasn’t thought through before we went in, nobody told us that our fishing industries were going to be decimated and many other things.”

The Brexiteer went on to declare that joining the EU is the “worst thing” the UK has been “dragged into” and claimed she was so against the idea of EU membership that she refused to vote in the 2016 referendum.

She added: “And following on from what was said before, yes it has got very complicated.

BBC Question Time

BBCThe Brexiteer went on to declare that joining the EU is the 'worst thing'

"I didn’t vote actually I think that it’s the worst thing that this country has ever been dragged into.”

The member of the audience fully utilised her time in the spotlight on Question Time to declare that anyone under the age of 40 “has never lived in a free country” thanks to the shackles imposed by the bitter bloc.

She remarked: “I was totally opposed from the idea right from the beginning, we’ve always been an independent country and anybody under the age of 40 has never lived in a free country. Think about that.”

In addition to detailing complications with negotiations, Ken Clarke was also keen to express his affection for the bitter bloc and hinted that the British people did not fully understand what they were voting for on the day of the vote.